Women in UK More Bored with Their Lives than Ever Before

Women in UK More Bored with Their Lives than Ever BeforeA new study has been able to find that British women are more discontented with their lives than ever before.

Two thirds of women are totally uninterested in their everyday schedule, blaming a restricted social life, the pressures at work they face, lack of holidays and never-ending chores for their displeasure.

The study carried out amongst 3,000 women found approximately seven out of ten females are despondent with being skint, and most have confessed to being unhappy in the relationships that they are in. Four out of ten claim that they are not happy with their job.

Elaine Smith, Marketing Manager for Florette Fruit says that women are really busy trying to have it all, the work, and social life and then somehow, end up getting nothing at all.

It is rather surprising to see that, nine out of ten women think that they would not be as bored with their lives if they put in extra efforts to be more spontaneous.

Women also seem to have lost the way they can make their life more interesting by indulging in something profitable.

As compared to men, women tend to get more bored. Do you really think so? Marie Claire would like to hear it from you.