Devon Unit Staff’s Carelessness Led to 6 Deaths

Devon Unit Staff’s Carelessness Led to 6 DeathsAccording to a Care Quality Commission report, which probed the death of nearly 6 elderly patients at Harbourne unit in Devon, the old mentally disabled patients were given drugs in order to keep them under control, in place of their treatments.

The report claimed that the deaths are resultant of ignorant medical and nursing care. The unit has been shut down following these revelations.

The investigators said the carelessness has been adopted in other units of the care center, as well.

In November 2008, NHS had released a report highlighting the poor quality of services available to the mental car patients in the Harbourne Unit.

The care services were scrutinized by an NHS medical director in 2008, wherein he looked into the details of the medical records of the 6 patients.

The current report said the poor maintenance of records was another cause of the deaths.

Care Quality Commission which succeeded the Healthcare Commission in 2009 told that NHS is also partly responsible for the injustice done to the patients, as it failed in taking stringent actions against the unit staff.

"We readily acknowledge the serious shortcomings in the care that was provided on the Harbourne Unit in 2008", said NHS Chief, Iain Tulley.