IOSH Argues about Misuse of Health and Safety

IOSH Argues about Misuse of Health and SafetyThe Chairperson of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has argued that too many people are using health and safety as an excuse to hide at the back. This could have incidental effects for the public liability insurance holders.

The leader of the Health and Safety Executive, Mr. Judith Hackitt, who has been selected by Prime Minister, David Cameron to lead a Whitehall-wide review of health and safety law and practice, has made the remarks in a letter to Lord Young of Graffham.

While reporting back to Mr. Cameron in the summer, he is also set to inspect the compensation culture in the UK. The policy and technical Director of IOSH, Richard Jones has said that analysis will give an opportunity to focus on educating people about what is really necessary in health and safety circles.

"We welcome any debate that helps to dispel the negative myth that health and safety is all about banning things. The health and safety profession is in the business of protecting people from serious harm, not about trivia or burdening businesses with bureaucratic red tape", said Mr. Jones.

The review is expected to be accomplished by the summer and according to Mr. Cameron a new approach is needed.