Report Alleges that NHS did not Deal Effectively with Flu Outbreak

Report Alleges that NHS did not Deal Effectively with Flu OutbreakA report cautions London's NHS and emergency planners to learn from the blunders committed during swine flu epidemic, last year. Addressing the concerns will be instrumental in dealing with other such outbreaks.

The report revealed that the flu claimed the life of around 85 people. Also, the virus is reported to have infected around 123,100 people and one in 50 people in London got an antiviral medication.

The NHS response to the flu resulted in payment of £19 million by the tax payers. This figure does not include the cost of drugs.

The health officials did not do a bad job in dealing with the outbreak. But, there were some concerns that needed to be addressed. The concerns include uneven spread of drug collection stores, which caused a problem to the people.

The reported cited another concern regarding the manner in which the epidemic was handled. The report disclosed that the officials concentrated a lot on the "worst case scenario". Due to this, the NHS got confused with its reaction when it was revealed that the virus was not as dangerous as expected earlier.

The report alleges that health workers and hospitals required a clear picture of the scenario in order to deal with the problem effectively. Many other flaws have also been highlighted in the report.