Barack Obama’s New Healthcare Debate

Barrack Obama’s New Healthcare DebateNot talking of the US healthcare debate, medical professionals on a daily basis get to care for the patients. Dr. Lauren Shapiro, one such professional, a Chief Medical resident at a South Bronx clinic, shared her views about Barrack Obama's healthcare schemes and their effect on the patients.

Working in a community health centre, a Government promoted health, looking after people, who do not have insurance or Government aided Medicare.

The clinic is based in the south Bronx borough of New York City, which has the lowest per-capita income in the US. The health practioners there come across, socio-economic status related illness, such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Treatment of patients at such places is much more different as here they too have to worry about the affordability of the ill.

Because of the insurance system there, to be considered profitable, they are supposed to look after one patient in every 15 minutes. Even though, a patient's illness might be very straight forward one, but they tend to have the social problems.

She said that they did not have to face the after effects of recession because there was already a two- to three-month waiting list for new patients.

"If you look at the US's GDP, we spend more than most countries on healthcare yet insure fewer people. If we are going to spend money we should insure the entire population and get evidence of good results, as opposed to spending money and not getting the results. We are the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than our parents, yet we're spending all this money", she remarked.

She also said that the problem was that that insurance Companies, clinics and hospitals were being run for profit, while healthcare shouldn't be.