Cameron Initiates with his First EU Summit

Cameron Initiates with his First EU SummitDavid Cameron on Thursday reportedly initiated with his first European Union summit as British Prime Minister promising to impart an active and devoted role in Europe till his "national red lines" were honored.

Early indications from the summit prompted the presence of unlikely harmony, along with an agreement on most agenda problems, a narrowing of positions and deferring of the most sensitive problems.

British officials had been jittery that Germany and others would try to pact Britain with new European rules to introduce sanctions on fiscally irresponsible member states and requirements for budget plans diverted to review peers.

However, Mr. Cameron's entourage showed huge confident towards any strengthening of the rules - including the proposed extension of fines to countries that were not able to fix their budget soon enough.

The UK Prime Minister showed his happiness towards Mr. Barroso's argument concerning focus on problems instead of more institutional reform.

"You will see Britain playing a very positive, a very engaged, a very active role in the EU and at this European council", he was quoted as saying.

European diplomats have shown optimism that proper accommodation has been witnessed to be listed on Commission plans for a "peer review" of states' draft budgets, which had witnessed severe criticism from England.