Websites Encourage Eating Disorders

Websites Encourage Eating DisordersAccording to a wide online analysis, there are maximum "thinspiration" images of extremely slim models and celebrities on the websites that talk about eating disorders. About 85% of the total websites showed such pictures, out of which 83% were in the favor of disordered eating behaviors.

Then, 79% of the websites displayed the calorie counters or the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators; and a greater part of them had "very hardcore" knowledge on how to increase the eating disorders.

Experts at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US and the Stanford University School of Medicine had carried out this assessment.

It included 180 websites that are for the people who suffer from disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Where there were a few websites that called the eating disorders as an ailment and a few also enlisted some remedies for the same, there were many more where discussions are held between the victims in order to share each others’ ideas.

Dina Borzekowski, Lead Author of the study, said, “Some of the reviewed sites present very dangerous ideas and disturbing material that serve to inform and motivate users to continue behaviors in line with disordered eating and exercise behaviors”.

Others sites seemed less harmful, as they offered links to support recovery from these disorders and gave users venues for artistic expression, Dina asserted.