Sony displays Move motion controller

Sony displays Move motion controllerSony denied all the rumors of price cut on its PS3 at the same time proclaimed its Move motion controller for the PS3 at E3.

Apart from the above claims it is stated that two new console bundles, featuring Move and a 500GB and 250GB hard drive respectively, will be featured reports CVG.

The sources claim that these PS3s are expected to come with 802.11n wireless, a real boon for the online gamers.

On reports pertaining to the price cut the SCE UK Sales Director Mark Howsen confirmed that no reports on making the PS3 cheaper have come up.

According to the sales figures it has been stated that the PS3 will sell 14 million units globally in 2010, compared to the Xbox 360's projected 10.5 million.

The reports posted by Sony gives no clue of Xbox costs, as it is supposed to be brought out from under wraps at E3.