6 lakh pre-order bookings for iPhone 4

6 lakh pre-order bookings for iPhone 4Apple says that it has taken over 600,000 orders, on the very first day of pre-orders.

The iPhone 4 web page currently is facing serious problems as large numbers of people try to log in simultaneously. The 600,000 is a record that comes at this initial day of pre-order in Apple's history, beating out the old iPhone, and indeed the recently launched iPad, claims the company officials.

The iPad on the other steeled to book 300,000 units, in its entire opening weekend of release in the States, for example. It is a different case altogether that iPad sells strongly and exceed the two million mark in two months.

Apple stated a note of apology to all who have experienced problems ordering, and as the experts say the pre-order numbers would have been even more impressive if the online store hadn't fallen over.

However the issues have been sorted out as the online ordering commences today and the ones who place their order today won't get their iPhone 4 before the UK release date of June 24th. Rumors also state that the new iPhones won't ship until as late as July 2nd, so they're running a week late.

The "delay process" is something that is getting acquainted with Apple fans in the UK.