Women with RA can have major possibilities of pain

Women with RA can have major possibilities of painRheumatoid Arthritis can also be defined as a chronic and painful disease affecting the joints, leading to inflammation. The symptoms of inflamed joints are swelling of the joints and then turning red and the area when touched is felt to be warm. If there is no proper treatment, then it will lead to severe inflammation and will result in permanent damage in the joints.

According to a new study, the three-quarters of women with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from pain regularly, in spite of being under treatment.

The results of this study were based on the data collection from 28,000 women from seven countries, including UK, Germany, Spain and the US. They were also presented at EULAR 2010, the Annual Congress of the European League against Rheumatism and had emphasized the emotional, social and physical effects of RA on the lives of women.

Therefore, women suffering from the disease accounted feelings of separation and loneliness that had further affected their personal relationships.

On the other hand, 40% of the single women said that it was difficult to find a partner, while 22% of divorced indicated that RA was a reason for their separation.

EULAR president, Prof Paul Emery of the University of Leeds in the UK said that these data strengthens the fact that pain is an important issue for women with RA, relating to their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Therefore this research was an initiative to find out the relation between RA and pain in the lives of women.