Indian-American Doctor arrested for illegal practice

Indian-American Doctor arrested for illegal practiceAmidst the arena of Bloomington, Indianapolis, in the United States, an Indian-American origin doctor had been arrested for being found guilty on cheating and causing harm in the patient's body. He has been arrested on the grounds of deliberately practicing healthcare services in a fit to climb the ladders of success, early.

Reports from the US stated that, Kamal Tiwari, 58, who was a medical doctor, has been arrested on Thursday and is supposed to be brought before to the magistrate court in Indianapolis.

He had been accused of healthcare fraud on this Wednesday and also for the fraud resulting in serious bodily injury, and 11 counts of unlawful drug distribution, by a federal grand jury.

Tiwari, has also been accused for being a part of swindling healthcare benefit programmes, which entailed Medicare and Indiana Medicaid.

The formal accusation of the crime stresses that since 2002 to 2007, Tiwari had been paid approximately USD 21,617,687 by these healthcare benefit programmes.

Tiwari had been suggesting his patients to undergo medically unnecessary injection procedures, such as trigger point injections and radiofrequency ablations, as a condition of receiving narcotic controlled substance prescriptions.