Tea and coffee lovers braving the heart disease

Tea and coffee lovers braving the heart diseaseAccording to a new report, it has been discovered that people addicted to tea and coffee have less possibilities of suffering from heart disease, than those who are not so fond of these beverages.

A research had been carried out in Netherlands for 13 years, on more than 37,000 people.

Due to the time span, the study has been recognized as the longest and largest study, ever managed to determine the health effects of coffee and tea drinking. This study revealed that people portraying the habit of drinking three to six cups of coffee or tea every day, were safe.

On the other hand, people who were observed to drink less than one cup of tea every day, were likely to suffer from heart disease.

Moreover, the findings reveals that those not refraining themselves from having more than six cups of tea have low risks of heart diseases, rather than those who are against tea and coffee. Then, people drinking more than two but less than four cups of coffee a day, the heart disease risk is less than 20%, as compared to those drinking more or less coffee.

Further, people having moderate drinking habits of coffee were recorded having no such significant reduction, in death from the heart disease.

Lead researcher of the study, T. van der Schouw, PhD, expressed that during the research, the results were constant when other lifestyle factors were taken into consideration.