Dr. Howard Martin: ‘Angel of mercy’ or another ‘Harold Shipman’?

Dr. Howard Martin: ‘Angel of mercy’ or another ‘Harold Shipman’?Dr. Howard Martin, a retired Army doctor who started working as a GP in 1977 has been accused of following in the footsteps of the Psycho serial killer Harold Shipman. Howard Martin has accepted responsibility for ‘expediting’ the deaths of some of his patients by injecting his patients with high doses of morphine. But whenever when he is compared to Shipman who also killed patients in a similar manner it infuriates Dr. Howard as he claims to be a sane person who merely put to ‘sleep’ his ailing patients. He has even come up with a list of dissimilarities between him and Shipman.

Dr. Martin Howard claims that shipman was a psychopath acting on his own needs and that he himself was a caring practitioner. Dr. Martin also says that Shipman used drugs himself while he was not on drugs himself, thus suggesting that Shipman was not in a mentally stable state of mind. Dr. Howard accuses of Dr. Shipman of murdering for his own power and satisfaction and pleasure while he peacefully put to sleep patients in dire circumstances. Further stressing his case Dr. Howard ventures to say that Shipman chose patients who were not in a state of poor health while he only ‘treated’ imminently dying patients. Dr. Howard also accuses of Shipman of taking material advantage from his dead patients while he himself had no such vices. Quoting another difference Dr. Shipman says that the relatives of the patient were not present when Dr. Shipman gave his injections where as in his own cases the patient’s family were always informed and usually present. While saying that his own aim was to reduce the suffering for patients Dr. Howard accuses Shipman of being a psychopathic.

At a time when mercy killing and euthanasia is a topic of heated debate such cases are tough to take a stand on such cases. It is a very thin line dividing the insane from the sane. While some of the families have demanded that Dr. Martin Howard be brought to justice, one particular family has hailed him to be an angel of mercy.