Even Angels need protection

Even Angels need protectionIn pertinence to a research printed yesterday, kids fall prey to many mishaps at home and on the road, mostly in cars. The Child Accident prevention Trust (CAPT) claims that although a majority of the parents believe that houses are a safe haven around four children are forced to visit the hospital every hour. It might come as a surprise that while an adult is better prepared to the dangers of scalding or falls, fires, hair straightening machines, iron boxes and the pellets used for washing pose a potentially dangerous threat.

Fire accidents causing burns is the reason for around 6 juveniles visiting the hospital everyday, while gobbling random inedible substances and potentially dangerous falls force 11 and 45 children respectively to visit the oh so dreaded hospital everyday.

An evaluation conducted among 2,000 fathers and mothers showed that even though 1500 feared for their kid’s safety, 1000 parents felt that an accident cannot be prevented in many circumstances. Taking into account these results the chief executive of CAPT Katrina Philips said that it worries her that parents think that there is nothing they can do while four toddlers are being rushed to the hospital every hour. She goes on to add that taking care children is no small task and that it is a matter of concern when parents take to thinking that preventing mishaps is beyond them or will take up too much time and energy. She says that just about two minutes a day assessing the dangers could prevent a lot of the common mishaps that children are frequently part of.

The kids with their fragile bodies and lack of quick reaction face dire consequences when mishaps occur on the road. A research backing this fact claims that kids ranging from ages 4-12 face severe danger from car accidents.

Even though the parents are lawfully inclined to install baby seats a shocking census revealed that a 17 per cent of the kids had to without baby seats.

So fix the little things that pose a threat to your child. Prevention is better than cure.