A Costly Slip

A Costly SlipOld people falling could be sticking the NHS in England with about £4.6 worth of bills everyday, a non profit organization has warned.

‘Help the aged’ and ‘Age concern’ which together make up Age UK, reveal that one out of every three people 65 years or older take the ‘plunge’ every year.

These plunges account to a majority of the accidents and in some cases fatality among those aged 70 or more and more than half of them visit the hospital for freak mishaps.

Age UK recommends the aged to work out or walk frequently as it minimizes the risks of falling.

The topic of humans taking a fall once they are at the helm of old age is disposed as an unavoidable happening in the process of life.

Michelle Mitchell Age UK a non profit organization has published its census to commemorate its own ‘National Falls Awareness Week’. They are as follows:

-The most frequent accident that the aged suffer is the hip fracture; around 60,000 of the old veterans suffer the pain annually.

-The most expensive parts of the painful experiences are the hip relocation surgery, hospital in-patient bills and helping them over coming the injury through various processes such as physiotherapy.

-There are around 14,000 fatalities a year caused due to the elderly people falling.

Age UK says that physiotherapy methods specially introduced to better the rigidity and poise of the aged could bring down the rate of old people falling by a whole 55 percent.

Sadly the charity publishes that one out of every five people can’t even recall the previous time they had done any sort of a physical work out.

A member of the Department of Health ventures to say that the most effective way to prevent falling is everyday activity and exercise. He also says that the dangers of breaking of bones and osteoporosis are reduced by sticking to a nutritious and healthy diet.