Child booster seats not completely safe

Child booster seats not completely safeIn order to commemorate the beginning of ‘Child safely week’ from today, which? Conducted a study among the fathers and mothers of kids who fall between the ages 4-12 .All the 1000 odd parents who took part in the census were by law obliged to have installed a baby seat.

30 percent of the participants in the census had installed a booster cushion without back support; these though legal offered relatively low protection. A staggering 17 percent had absolutely nothing installed to protect their child incase of a car accident.

The census also revealed that close to 50 percent of the kids between ages 4-12 are in danger of potentially fatal injuries caused by accidents that occur from the side.

Which? CEO Peter Vicary-Smith shared some of the stats by declaring that annually about 30 kids under the age of 12 succumb while 300 more are badly hurt when the car they are travelling in meets with an accident. He says that no one who has watched the video of the dangers caused by an accident from the side on the which? Website will want to take a booster seat without a back. Though these are better than having no seat, the don’t suffice and are not a 100 percent safe.

Children in a course of time might start pestering the parents to get rid of the child seat as they grow but it is vitally important as this often plays a crucial role in saving the child’s life in case of an accident.

Almost 25 percent of car mishaps suffer a impact from the side says the consumer magazine, who have been experimenting baby seats from 1966. They are also trying to improve the minimum requirements of baby car seats.

The Volvo Infant Car Seat which costs a whopping £250 was declared to be the best on the market by which?.