When Healthcare is disabled

When Healthcare is disabledA non profit organization claims that people who are mentally handicapped and have trouble learning are often recipients to healthcare that is below the standard that the rest of the population receives.

A study conducted by Mencap among 1,084 nurses and doctors showed that nearly half the doctors and one third of the nurses believe that the above is true.

Mencap is pushing health trusts to put pen to paper and thus put to force a charter that details the particulars of the rights of those that are mentally challenged and the duties of the hospitals towards these patients.

The government claims that clearing up the injustice and inequality is high on its list.

One third of the nurses and four out of every ten doctors give voice to the fact that those suffering from mental illness have faced injustice in the NHS.

In spite of being legally backed, the study has revealed that the mentally handicapped people were let down because of the lack of training the health professionals had.

A majority of the nurses and doctors have accepted the fact that they need guidelines on how to meet the needs of the mentally challenged.