Mothers backing breast campaign in Ilkley

Mothers backing breast campaign in IlkleyIlkley landmark will be the witness of a remarkable happening when a group of mothers will breastfeed their babies to show their support, in the matter, for a national campaign.

Mothers from Airedale would gather at the Cow and Calf rocks in Ilkley on Monday, the first day of National Breastfeeding week 2010 to show their support for the changed law which clearly stated that nobody could ask a woman not to breast feed in public.

The groups said that breastfeeding can save millions for the National Health Services each year. The group has been campaigning for improvements to local maternity services.

Alison Widdup from Adding ham who is one of the campaigners said that if all British babies were breastfed for just a period of three months that would save the NHS around 50 million pounds on the treatment of just one childhood treatment –gastro-entritis.

The scientific evidence of saving cost on wide-range health problems is overwhelming.

Airedale Mums would like to see a milk bank created in the Ilkley area.

Though a bank is there in Halifax but a more localized bank would help to save more money for the NHS.

The event had been organized by South Tyneside Primary Care Trust’s (PCT) breastfeeding support group.

Any breast feeding mum was most welcome to go along to the event which is being held from 10am till noon.

Breast feeding has good effects on the mother and the child. It helps to protect a child from diseases like gastro –intestinal infection, juvenile diabetes, ear infections, astma, and eczema. On top of all these it helps to protect mothers from ovarian and breast cancers. And it also helps one to loose baby weight.

Every one and not just breastfeeding mothers were invited to join the event.