Beauty breakthrough for frizzy hair

Robert LangerProf Robert Langer had grown ear shaped cartilage on the back of a mouse; he also created blood vessels from stem cells. All these were his past achievements Now Prof Langer created product that bans frizz, shields hair from tiny droplets of water that causes the hair to curl and twist. This has been the biggest breakthrough in the beauty world for decades.

It also claims to prevent hair from becoming greasy which indicates that hair needs to washed less often’

Prof Langer from (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology found out the most of the products for Frizzy hair has silicone in them which makes hair heavy.

He has chosen a compound called polyfluoroester, a man made oil water repellent which is lighter than silicone and coats the hair.

The product is available as spray and cream, one has to use depending on the thickness of the hair. It needs to be applied after washing and towel drying the hair before being styled.

The US manufacturer of No Frizz - Living Proof’s executive Rob Robillard said that humidity can be termed as hairs number one enemy. Humidity causes the hair shaft to expand resulting in the frizz. The hair gets more porous with damage. The material seals the hair with a thin layer or coating which is not permeable for humidity to go in and out of the hair. It solves the problem at its root. Even color treatment and usage of heated appliance make the hair frizzy.

The spray and cream can keep hair silky, straight, irrespective of the weather.

Shampoos and conditioners complete this award winning range and they are already on sale in The UK.

A bottle will see one trough one to two months is priced 18 pounds.