GW Parma’s Sativex Launched in UK

Cannabis.This week Sativex was given a green signal by the UK authorities. Sativex is a medicine used for the cure of Multiple Sclerosis. It is a cannabis-based medicine, which is available in the form of a mouth spray.

The drug was launched on Monday in the UK and will be sold by Bayer.

It is being produced by GW Pharmaceuticals. Chief Executive of the Company, Dr. Geoffrey Guy reveals that it is the first cannabis based medicine, which has been given consent by having a full pharmaceutical process at anyplace in the world. This drug is also the first plant based medicine, which has been given a nod in the recent times.

Dr. Guy also revealed that the Company has launched its first such range of products comprising of cannabis plant.

Sativex is sprayed under the tongue and is similar in volume to an asthma inhaler. One mouth spray can give 90 sprays. A patient of Multiple Sclerosis administers around eight sprays a day.

Patients in UK had an access to the drug since 2005, but on a "named patient" basis, in which they had to ask the manufacturer for supply of the drug. Now, the drug will be available across the country.