Survey: People with Learning Disabilities Receive Poorer Healthcare

NHSA study of physicians and nurses has discovered that people with learning disabilities in the South West get inferior quality of healthcare compared to others.

Of those questioned 43% said that those patients got a shoddier quality of healthcare than the remaining of the populace.

Charity Mencap surveyed 1,084 physicians and nurses in the region of the UK.

It also discovered that 47% of those inquired had observed a patient being treated with ignorance, lack of respect or getting poor quality care.

The charity is requesting health trusts to ink a contract that explains rights of people with learning disabilities and the duties of hospitals.

The goal of Mencap's "Getting it Right" campaign is to make sure that nobody with a learning disability should succumb to death as a consequence of negligence and favoritism.

South Devon Healthcare said, "Regardless of whether or not a patient has a learning disability, our highly-skilled staff will always do everything they can to resolve a medical complaint quickly and with minimum discomfort for the patient".

It said that they firmly think that suffering from a disability should not influence a person's access to superior quality healthcare and they are trying to expand services bearing this in mind.

A Department of Health Spokesperson said that the NHS is for everybody and getting rid of discrimination is a main concern.