Coffee protects against mouth cancer

coffeeOne can get protection from oral cancer by having four cups of coffee in one day. Doctors say that one has to have coffee in moderate amount since the caffeine present in the coffee can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

A new research has said that coffee has 1,000 of chemicals among which anti oxidants are present that can give protection against many types of cancer. The research is said to have nine studies in America, Central America and Europe and the studies were based on the comparison of coffee habits of around 5,000 cancer patients with more than 9,000 healthy people, smoking habits, drinking habits and diet.

The results found were that regular coffee drinkers were 39% less likely to develop cancers of the mouth and pharynx than people who drank no coffee.

Mia Hashbie the lead author of the study from the University of Utah Salt Lake City was quoted saying that their sample size was quite large and as there studies had been crossed with data of many other studies they had more statistical power to detect association of cancer and coffee.

The number of Britons diagnosed with mouth cancer such as lips, tongue, tonsils, gum and other part of the mouth per year is around 5,500 and 1,800 amongst them die from the disease.

Studies on the links between cancer and coffee have produced both contradictory and confusing results. The results confuse because coffee drinking could be a sign of some other lifestyle factors that highly increases the risk of cancer, such as smoking and drinking alcohol.