Amazon cuts price of Kindle e-book reader

Amazon cuts price of Kindle e-book readerThe Online retail giant Amazon. com has been the recent inclusion in the price war in the market.

The company has decided to cut the price of its e-book readers. Apart from that, it has also declared that it has slashed the price of Kindle reader as well.

Kindle reader is one of its most popular product form the company. The price of this Kindle reader has been reduced by more than a quarter.

The new price of the Kindle is$189 now. Previously it was available at a price of $259 for its customers. This fact has been released by the company in a statement.

As per the market experts, Amazon. com has decided for this move to compete with its rivals in the market in e-book segment.

The company has slashed the price to attract more number of customers. Barnes and Noble, has been the tough rivals of the company. It is the largest bookseller in the US and had cut the price of its 3G Nook e-book reader to$199 which was $259 previously.