McDonald’s facing law suite for happy meals

McDonald’s facing law suite for happy mealsMcDonald's is the outsider in the playing field handing out candy to children. This statement was given by Stephen Gardner, legal action director for the advocacy group. McDonald's usage of toys slashes the parental right and abuse young children's improvable childishness.

McDonald's has denied robustly with that description, stating that its meals were perfect for kids and children with healthy alternatives toys. The official person also added that the strategies of providing toys are just a part of family amusement at McDonald's.

The MacDonald's menu is including options like apple slices as a replacement for of French fries. Children can place order like milk or fruit juice with their 'Happy Meals' instead of soda and other fizzy drinks.

The apple slices are named as 'Apple Dippers' by the corporation because they are including caramel sauce for dipping. This new menu item was introduced in the year 2008 and consumers have placed the ordered for not less than 100 million times in the U. S. In the month of April, Santa Clara County supervisors won appraisal from food advocates but mockery from many people of old-fashion.