Badger vaccination projects across England axed

Badger vaccination projects across England axedThe government has cut down the budget of a project to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB that was a part of a plan of England this summer.

According to the Agriculture Minister James Paice it would take place on a small scale which will happen only near Stroud Gloucestershire.

All other progammes that were set to take place in Herefordshire, Worchestershire, Staffordshire and Devon had been scrapped.

Mr Paice said that gathered badgers would be given attention. This project will be starting in an area near Stroud in July and will continue for five years. This project according to the Department for Environment, Foodand Rural Affairs can save in the tune of 6million pounds within that time.

A government spokesman said that badger would be trapped and vaccinated over 38.6 square miles of cattle farmland near Stroud, and Sett surveys would be carried out in the area near Cheltenham.

Many farmers have complained about badgers being the cause of spreading TB which affects cattle. Badger culling was ruled out by the previous govt.

According to Mr. Paice they have taken carefully managed and scientific measures in badger control and they are looking carefully at badger vaccination and culling as a part of the measure.

The RSPCA is extremely disappointed to learn this move by the govt, and restricting the vaccination of badger in only one area.

According to them the policy is short sighted. The govt should have done according to the approved plan Vaccinating badgers along with increasing the level of cattle testing, improving bio security, and imposing stricter controls on cattle movement can help sustain and reduce the incidence of bovine TB.

On the basis of welfare concerns, current science and realistic assessment of what is practical RSPCA vehemently oppose the idea of a widespread cull of badger.