States Planning To Administer Swine Flu Vaccine to Pregnant Women

Kerala, already has a provision for vaccinating pregnant women, who have a higher risk of the infection of H1N1 virus. Maharashtra is also planning to follow in its footsteps.

Technical Advisory Committee has got a recommendation from the civic body regarding the vaccination of women. This move will be instrumental in preventing the disease in at least one section, which is at a higher risk of infection.

In the year 2009, around 10% of the total swine flu deaths occurred in women, who were pregnant. In this year from the month of April, 17 women have died of the disease out of 66 swine flu cases.

Dr. Sanjay Oak, Director, Medical Education and Major Hospitals verified that the civic body had given these suggestions to the state. He said that there is a need for the Union Ministry and the State to take this decision.

On Tuesday, a six month pregnant woman lost her life due to Swine flu. She was 28 year old. A few weeks ago a 25-year-old resident of Bhandup died, soon after delivering twins.

Sharvaree Gokhale, the Health Secretary, has declined to comment on any such decision. She said that she had only suggested that the doctors should get themselves vaccinated.