Early Children Care Saves Money

Children-CareThe Demos report has revealed that if children receive medical care earlier, it can save an amount of £33,000 of taxpayers.

The researchers in their report have shown that the early treatment is more stable and in this case, special treatments are less required. This early treatment also reduces the requirement of mental health support.

Children’s Charity Barnardo has funded this report. This study is based on two hypothetical journeys, which found that the child receiving poor support may require more services annually and that would increase the annual children’s services costs.

At present, there are 61,000 children under care in UK.

"A shift of resources and investment to the beginning of a child's care journey could have real long-term benefits for that child”, said Researchers. Researchers also said that this early intervention reduces the experience of poor care effects.

The report has emphasized that the care system should be referred as the family support by the Government, and the factors affecting a child’s experience in care should be conveyed to the people.

It is believed that family care is better than the care by the system, but in fact, this care improves the kids’ health and provides them a developing environment.