Lower IQs in Regions with Widespread Diseases

brainScientists from US have claimed that those people have lower Iqs, who live in regions where a disease is rampant and rife. It is because of the fact that these people have to fight away with the infections and thus their energy is distracted from brain development.

This may account to be the reason that why in several nations the IQ level of people is commonly low as compared to the entire population in some other countries. Also, countries where the temperatures are found to be constantly higher, there the IQ level is low due to the existence of devastating parasites such as malaria.

Lead Author, Chris Eppig, said, “The effect of infectious disease on IQ is bigger than any other single factor we looked at. Disease is a major sap on the body's energy, and the brain takes a lot of energy to build. If you don't have enough, you can't do it properly”.

An under-appreciated impact of the disease has been noticed on the IQ levels of people, further witnessing that it can be just as vital as education level or wealth, which influences the cognitive aptitude.  Thus, scientists have said that this factor can also become a successful tool to measure the IQ levels of a group of people, which is certainly not an appropriate tool for the job.