EMS’S Budget Take Quite a Leap

EMS’S Budget Take Quite a LeapThe county's stressed ambulance services, will be given an added $26 million, to reimburse for its merger, an expenditure that critics hope will get better standards.

In its most recent operating budget, Alberta Health Services says EMS's budget will see an increase of 8.1%to manage the costs that are associated with the regional takeover.

Announced as part of the $11.2-billion AHS budget, the boost in ambulance service financial support will go towards updating and standardizing apparatus, offering contract suppliers a cost-of-living raise and reconciling labor agreements that were negotiated before the merger, according to the superboard.

The ambulance services budget is anticipated to be $353 million, up from $326 million in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. When the county started the process of the takeover of EMS in 2008, it anticipated that the yearly cost to run the service would be $217 million.

Jim Garland, the Director of Dispatch Services with AHS, said the budget increase will go towards getting all of the ambulance services reach the similar standards.

In a changeover, when you look at the arithmetic, the net effect is not just in actual dollars, he said. Under this copy, the profit for Albertans will be seen in the subsequent 10 to 20 years.