Nitrate Found in Drinking Water – Leading to Deadly consequences

Nitrate Found in Drinking Water – Leading to Deadly consequencesHigh concentration of nitrate has been found in the drinking water of hamlet of Fawcett, which is leading to hazardous consequences.

A case was reported in hamlet where a child showed symptoms of illness, which were suspected to arise due to the consumption of nitrate. Dr. Gerry Predy, Chief Medical Officer with Alberta Health Services, told that the ingestion of nitrates can pose serious threats to the health of children.

Nitrates combine with the hemoglobin in the blood and prevent the body from getting oxygen to the tissues. It is basically found in chemical fertilizers and from septic tanks, which can cause severe problems to infants, if consumed.

The water advisory was issued on Wednesday and it has warned the pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants under six to stop drinking water.

The samples of water have been taken by the advisory for laboratory testing. The preliminary samples found higher than normal level of nitrates in the water of three homes, but no contamination was found in treatment plant or in the source water, the hamlet's well.

The government has no clue from where the nitrate is coming and how it is getting mingled with the water system.

People have to resort to the bottled water for drinking as not even boiling eliminates the nitrate contents.