Men Gets Fascinated By Women’s Small Feet

Men Gets Fascinated By Women’s Small FeetA recent study has revealed that men have an inclination towards the women with small feet. Though they may not be aware of this fact, but their sub-conscious mind works upon it.

Jeremy Atkinson, an evolutionary Psychologist at the University at Albany, New York, and his colleague Michelle Rowe did a research in which they measured the 16-body parts of 60 white female college students and adjusted the same according to their overall height.

The morphs of 16 of them were then made for each of 16 body parts measurements and they were equally separated on the basis of longest and shortest lengths.

On getting rated by 77 heterosexual male students, it was found that men were more attracted towards the morphs of women with small feet. They were three and a half times more likely to choose for the short-footed morph.

The men were also 11 times as likely to pick the narrow-hipped morph as more attractive, and eight times as likely to choose the long-thighed morph.

According to Atkinson, men make their choices on this ground as they are a hallmark of healthy childhood.

The girls who are short and stout have some hormonal imbalances or early-age puberty, which accounts for their less or no attractiveness.