Treatment Delays Give the Way to Heaven for Cancer Patients

Treatment Delays Give the Way to Heaven for Cancer PatientsIt has been found that the patients who are suffering from cancer can be prone to an early death if they are neglected or not taken care of. The delays in the treatment can aggravate the patient's condition and even worsen it to death.

Such a case has come up in Edmonton Cross Cancer Clinic, where a woman named Ann Reynar got expired due to the delay in the treatment as there was a shortage of oncologist there.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer of stage 4 in early May. They were told to wait for their call for an appointment. But no one turned up.

The clinic has segregated their patients into two groups- patients for whom chemotherapy offered a good chance of recovery and those whose cancer was so advanced that treatment would prolong their life but not rid them of the disease. Ann Reynar was in the second group.

The couple got an appointment six weeks after the diagnosis, but it was too late then and the problem had alleviated. There was a great resentment with the lady's husband. He wanted an early treatment but was helpless due to clinic's authorities.