Vancouver Soon to Settle on Spending Money for Cycling Lanes

Vancouver council will make its decision on whether to support City Manager, Penny Ballem's proposal, so as to invest $2 million to design permanently separated cycling lanes on the Burrard Bridge.

A report by Assistant City Engineer, Jerry Dobrovolny goes to council's Planning and Environment Group on Thursday, July 8.

Permanently installed barriers may possibly take less road space and be more aesthetically well-matched with the bridge than the on hand pre-cast concrete barriers, Dobrovolny, wrote in the report.

He noted that the existing bike lane on the west side of the bridge could be widened.

Dobrovolny also wrote about the east sidewalk, which is used by northbound cyclists, that it does not offer much width for passing over much of the bridge, since the precast barriers have abridged the amount of space.

In addition to that he said that reconstruction in a permanent way might offer an opportunity to alter this problem.

The money to pay for the blueprint work would come from two areas. The ‘2010 closeout’ of the 2006-2008 capital plan would supply $800,000, and the rest of the $1.2 million has already been preapproved for cycling improvements in 2011.

The bridge is almost 80 years old and there have been reports of large pieces falling off the structure.