Study Warns Patients Regarding Medicine Information

Madhav A. KarunakarMadhav A. Karunakar, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Carolinas Medical Centre in Charolotte U.S., gives the reason that why internet does not always give correct information regarding sports injuries.

Dr. Karunakar said that the study was conducted because patients are increasingly presenting their doctors with information printouts, which are taken from the internet.

He cautioned the patients and the doctors regarding the quality of online information, which differs greatly. He added that physicians should be ready to talk about this information with the patients, so that it is ensured that it is not misunderstood.

In the study, the authors focused on tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder ligament injury, joint defects and shoulder dislocation.

The researchers used the most popular search engines, namely Google and Yahoo. The authors evaluated the 10 search results for every ailment. They analyzed the results on the basis of clarity, comprehensiveness and accuracy of the available information.

Dr. Karunakar revealed that in terms of content, the highest score was achieved by non-profit sites. It was followed by academic sites and commercial sites, which were non-sales-oriented. The researchers discovered that newspaper write ups and private websites were the sources of least accurate information.