Past Week Sees 16 More Deaths In India Due to H1N1

Past Week Sees 16 More Deaths In India Due to H1N1The first ever intranasal vaccine prepared to fight novel H1N1 virus will be available in the market on Monday.

Serum Institute of India, which developed the vaccine, said that it had got final permission from Drug Controller General of India, Dr. Surinder Singh, to launch Nasovac on Monday.

One million doses are prepared to be supplied in the marketplace. Subsequently, almost 4 lakh doses will be supplied each month, said Sunil Bahl, Director Business Development, SII. This is the most painless solution to keep new H1N1 virus away.

Nasovac is the foremost intranasal vaccine that has been developed in India. At Rs. 200, it is more affordable than the H1N1 vaccine that was launched by Zydus Cadila, some time back.

The vaccine was tested on approximately 370 people and found that it had no major side effects.

Only a few minor side effects such as sneezing, nasal discharge, fever headache can be possible.

Dr. Prasad Kulkarni of SII said that no major after effects could be seen, when the vaccine was undergoing a trial.

The vaccine is safe for kids above three years of age. It has been found safe for expectant rats, but authoritarians have yet not given a clearance that pregnant women can consume it.

People, who are allergic to eggs, should not use it.