Brain Patterns Will Now Predict Mental Illness

Brain Patterns Will Now Predict Mental IllnessResearchers from Nottingham University conducted a study in which they found that the patterns of brains will prove helpful in predicting the mental illness or its symptoms.

Specific patterns of brains in children and adults have been found by British scientists that could be the indications of development of some mental sickness in the future such as schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, epilepsy and dementia. Such problems lead to behavioral changes in humans.

Dr. Maddie Groom told the reporters in London that if such markers or signs can detect the advancement of some mental sickness like schizophrenia, then it would be helpful to reduce its risk by making it function better and such a start can cure illness in a positive way.

The task called a 'go, no-go' task was adopted by Groom and her colleagues to detect schizophrenia in siblings with the same disease. The scientists asked the siblings to perform the task, which involved playing an alien-zapping computer game in which they needed to respond quickly, and crucially, to stop the urge to respond if the wrong kind of alien popped using brain imaging to read activity levels.

When the brain activities were measured, they were reduced, when made to react to a stimulus. Then this activity was matched with that of their siblings, in order to identify some signs of illness.

Researchers believe that inherited genes could be responsible for cognitive problems that cause ADHD.

Groom is of the view that doctors may be able to find new ways to treat children with ADHD, using a combination of behavioral strategies and drugs.