Notes on British Airways June Traffic

British-AirwaysOn Monday the British Airways June traffic was calculated in terms of revenue passenger kilometers, dipping by 11.1% and further added that during first nine days of the month the services were affected by the industrial commotion by the Unite union that represented the cabin crew.

The main facts of the June traffic are compiled as the few noted points, the passenger scope, calculated in terms of available seat kilometers, which was low by 8.6% on June 2009.

Also the industrial activity calculated for 5% decrease in the capacity which is a resultant in the passenger load factor that dipped by 2.1 points as compared to the last year's 77.5%.

The traffic entailed with a 9.2% dip in the premium traffic along with the 11.4% decrease in the non-premium traffic. The cargo, calculated in terms of cargo Ton Kilometers, inclined by 5.4%.

The result in profits and the traffic, for the first quarter, has been exaggerated by seven days of volcanic cinders in the month of April and 23 days of industrial activity in the month of May and June.