The power of Project Canvas in terms of watching TV

BBC-iPlayerBBC iPlayer might be big but the project Canvas is bigger and aims at eating up the entire chunk of video content.

It is supposed that users will find it difficult to claim their choice as video on demand and classic linear TV consumption both shall be open for viewers. The recent nod from BBC Trust brings out detailed specifications about the platform that soon shall be made public by the end of the month.

A concept similar to Freeview, Canvas would be an open platform and is considered to be an extension of iPlayer that adds to the list of many more channels and significantly more features.

Canvas chief technology officer (CTO), Anthony Rose, sited an example claiming that this platform helps pull data in practicality about a player on the field in a World Cup match, as reported by DigitalSpy.

It has also further been stated that the idea of embedding URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier) comes with an availability of incredibly vast data warehouses like Wikipedia or Google with abundance of cheap broadband.