NHS to pay Compensation to Patient

A court has ordered the NHS to pay multi-million pound injury compensation after a taxi driver suffered serious brain damage due to a blunder committed by the hospital.

Leslie Dye, 57 has won a multi-million pound award from the NHS trust. The trust has already admitted its mistake in this matter.

After he was admitted to the hospital due to a stab wound, the staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex were unable to detect bleeding in the patient’s brain that eventually lead to a cardiac arrest. This also led to some serious brain damage and made the patient totally dependent on others.

The 57 year old Leslie is a father of two children and is now currently being under care, round the clock, by the medical staff at the neurological centre in Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

The counsel for Leslie, Richard Barraclough QC, told the presiding judge, Mr. Justice Burnett that his client had been taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital after getting stabbed in the neck.

The hospital will be paying a total of £850,000 and annual payments starting at £109,000, has already apologized for its mistake which led to the current condition.

The mistake occurred after doctors were not able to understand the results of a scan done on Leslie. It led to serious brain damage and left Leslie dependent on others.