BA cabin crew to vote for the new offer

British-AirwaysAccording to the spokeswoman from the Unite union team corroborate that the ballot papers may be forwarded to the members of the union on Tuesday and the union makes no suggestions on whether its team shall vote for or against the acceptance of the company's offer which is in their argument over the pay and conditions.

The airline now had already lost 150 million pounds during the year via a channel of strikes, garnered by the union's verdict in order to not to make any recommendation, as it could be only an appeasing move. However Unite had recommended its team not to accept preceding offers thronged by the airline.

According to the BA's group treasurer George Stinnes in a conference call on Monday expressed that the Unite had voiced that they shall give the crew the probability to voice their own views in accord to the offer which has been thronged by the group which is currently on the table.

He further added that he for sure think its positive that the staff have been given the chance to speak their mind and themselves in a confidential ballot.