Graduates must have 2:1 degree

GraduatesIt is now made mandatory according to the new research revealing that the three quarters of the UK employers shall now be considering the applications from the graduates with a 2:1 degree categorization.

With the number of more UK employers curtailing the graduate recruitment programs, this year the figures dwindled for the graduate jobs that were available by nearly 7%, according to the predictions unveiled by the report of the Association of Graduates Recruiters.

In the mean time the number of graduates looking for each job vacancy has heaved to 70, which is up from 48 applications per job in 2009 and 31 in the year 2008. This is the highest figure recorded till date.

With more graduates running after fewer jobs, employers can now be choosier related to the job roles. Due to this the numbers of employer which persist the applicants, feels that the graduates must have at least a first class or 2:1 degree classification which has almost inclined by 10% since last year.

Approximately two thirds of the students generally get either a first class degree or a 2:1, which defines that the remaining third who have also passed shall not be considered for these jobs.