Woman Believed to be in Custody for Impersonating Nurse

Woman Believed to be in Custody for Impersonating NurseThe College and Association of Nurses of Alberta has reported that the woman, who was impersonating a nurse is now believed to be in police custody in Ontario, after a public warning was issued a day before. But, no confirmation has been given on whether Brigitte Marier, aka Brigitte Cleroux is in custody or not, as she has arrest warrants out in her name.

Also, allegations have been put upon Marier by the college that she has a prior account of fake documents and cases of fraud, and thus, warning was issued to prospective employers, on Monday, by the college.

Now, she has been put behind bars for six months with a fine worth $60,000, after she was found guilty in Ontario for impersonating as a nurse.

Service Alberta Minister, Heather Klimchuk said that the name Brigitte Marier was being used by Marier, by which she got a transitory ID card, valid for 30 days. But later, some problems were detected in her picture by the facial recognition software.

He added, "When our system kicked into place, that's when we discovered she was impersonating another person and we stopped it totally. We began the investigation right away. The only challenge was when our investigators were trying to find her, she was very elusive".