One More Patient to Opt For MS Treatment Abroad

One More Patient to Opt For MS Treatment AbroadOne more Comox Valley resident is getting ready for a foreign trip, in order to get the controversial treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Diane Baxter, 49, was diagnosed with the condition in the month of January in the year 2002, but she said that she had been experiencing the effects of the disease, since '90s.

Baxter strives hard to move out of her wheelchair at least two times a day for walk. She will be going for the treatment with her mother Rosemary to Costa Rica on July 24 for removing the three blockages in Baxter's jugular. In the treatment, Stents will be inserted into the veins, so that a proper blood flow is maintained from the head of the patient.

Due to blocked veins in the neck, chest and spine, a disorder named Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency or CCSVI occurs and this, in turn, stops the contaminated, iron-rich blood from draining from the central nervous system. It has been stated by an Italian researcher, Dr. Paolo Zamboni that these blockages result in some of the symptoms of MS.

It is known that with unblocking of veins, the symptoms of the disease can be eradicated.

If Zamboni proves to be true, it will become easier for the physicians to detect and treat the MS. Till now, people and doctors are cautious about the treatment, but it is noticeable that most of the patients have reported the treatment to be effective.