N.S. Power Commits to Health and Safety

Rob BennettOn Tuesday, Nova Scotia Power President and CEO, Rob Bennett and labor leader, Mike MacDonald made a commitment to health and safety in writing by signing a 'CEO Health and Safety Leadership Charter'.

It was the first time that a company and a union jointly signed the charter, which was launched in 2005 at a national health and safety conference and is administered by the Conference Board of Canada and that too for improvement of healthy and safe workplaces.

NSP also launched a public awareness campaign to educate Nova Scotians about the dangers of working around electrical wires and encouraging people to stay six meters back from power lines.

Electrical power production and delivery is an industry with inborn hazards as consented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The people working there are working in an artificial environment full of machines, power and things like that. There are workers, who are entitled to remain out on streets as per their duty, face heavy storms, climb to heights and many such dangerous things. But they are made to undergo training before that.

As told by MacDonald, who spent 33 years with the power company, a lot of health and safety improvements have been discovered over the years, especially, when it comes to training. Power Corporation is taking the safety of people more seriously.

The injury claims decreased by 12 per cent compared to 9.6 per cent. But still, Nova Scotia has the highest injury rate in the Atlantic region and is ranked fifth among the region.