‘Mars bar is fine but occasionally’

Andrew Lansley Health Secretary has said that it is ok to bite into a Mars bar once in a while if people maintain a healthy lifestyle and make good food choices on a regular basis. He said it as he pledged that the NHS would stop nannying.

While speaking at a public health conference he said that NHS will keep encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles in future but they will not nanny them.

He added that no food is good or bad rather people should pay attention to the kind of food they eat on a regular basis while stating which food is good and bad for them. And it is our responsibility to take charge of our own health and not some one else’s.

He said, "It is perfectly possible to eat a Mars bar, or a bag of crisps or have a carbonated drink if you do it in moderation, understanding your overall diet and lifestyle. Then you can begin to take responsibility for it and the companies who are selling you those things can be part of that responsibility too.”

He extended a helping hand to families and communities who wanted to stick to a healthier choice when it comes to food.

Lansley said, "It is not a lack of desire, what they need is the support to make it happen.”