Herbal weight loss supplement dangerous warns FDA

Herbal weight loss supplement dangerous warns FDAThe U. S. Food and Drug Administration have issued public health alerts after it found pharmaceutical ingredients which are dangerous to health in Que She. Que She is an herbal weight loss supplement that was being sold at Sacred Journey, 1103 Mass. FDA has found that Que She had ingredients that were not mentioned on the label. When Que She was analyzed it was found to contain drugs fenfluramine, beta-blocker propranolol, ephedrine and sibutramine. Each of these drugs is harmful in their own rights.

Fenfluramine was withdrawn from US market in late 1990s after studies revealed that it caused serious heart valve damage. Propranolol can harm people with asthma and particular heart conditions. Sibutramine which is a prescription weight loss drug is found to cause heart attack and stroke.

FDA was also concerned that these ingredients of Que She may interact with other drugs that the patients take and cause severe adverse health effects.

As a result of FDA’s warning law enforcement officials have shut down Sacred Journey and taped a copy of the warning on its front door. Several websites which had advertised Que She as “an all natural blend of Chinese herbs” have taken down Que She from the product list.

Diet Spotlight website had described Que She as a compound of 11 Chinese herbs. It supposedly helped a person lose weight by curbing appetite and increasing metabolism. Employees at Sacred Journey refused to comment on the FDA warnings.