Winnipeg is Raising a Campaign to Protect Employees from Dog Bites

Winnipeg is Raising a Campaign to Protect Employees from Dog BitesAfter receiving almost 250 reports of dog biting incidents, the City of Winnipeg, Canada Post, Manitoba Hydro and the Winnipeg Humane Society are raising a collaborated awareness campaign to promote safe working conditions for letter carriers, utility workers and others who face dogs that might not be as peaceful as they sometimes look like. Those workers are provided specific training on how to deal with dogs and what precautionary measures to keep in mind.

Leland Gordon, Chief Operating Officer with the City of Winnipeg Animal Services, warns dog owners from allowing their dogs to bite, as this might actually cost them a lot of money. He also added that it is very important for a dog owner to provide his dog with all the required training programs and to help the dog "socialize" because that will ultimately teach the dog what is acceptable and what it not acceptable to do. Gordon stressed the importance of treating the dog like part of the family.

Gordon said, "What we want to do is educate the public about being better pet owners, so they don't even get to the point of their dogs biting somebody."

Canada Post letter carrier Dan Cole is now more cautious while doing his work, after his hand getting bitten by a dog. Although Cole is a dog lover, he was not safe from the "seemingly" friendly dog.