New Studies Demand for Complete Ban on Smoking

New Studies Demand for Complete Ban on SmokingA major study has revealed that teens and adolescents get more attracted towards smoking after seeing their elders smoking.

Studies about the youth smoking patterns are the cover articles in the latest issue of Chronic Diseases in Canada.

The study has been done by Annette Schultz, an assistant professor with the University of Manitoba's faculty of nursing.

She quoted, "It's a de-normalization mechanism. They're not seeing people smoke."

Around 30,000 Canadians between the age group 11 to 15, have been surveyed under the project funded by Health Canada.

According to the study, around 21% of the Canadian Youth have tried smoking.

The study suggested a complete ban on smoking at public places.

The study also demanded for imposing the fine of $200 for breaking the law.

Jim Rondeau, the province's Minister of healthy living said, "I want parents to look at their children's health, their own health and not smoke," said Jim Rondeau, the province's minister of healthy living.

On the basis of Schultz and Nowatzki's findings 'The Butt Stops Here', the new promotional campaign has been started by CancerCare Manitoba.

Nowatzki revealed the significant patterns of disagreement between the smoking youths and their parents and emphasized the importance of enforcement of the household rules.