Province Bearing the Cost of Flu Vaccination

Province Bearing the Cost of Flu VaccinationIndividuals will not have to wait to see an occasion, when the cost of getting a seasonal flu shot this year, lowered.

The H1N1 virus might again be a widespread flu strain, so the county is covering the expenditure for everyone, Health Minister, Maureen MacDonald said on Thursday.

After the preceding year's H1N1 concerns, the authorities took the decision that it would be a really good thing this year, if the vaccination could be made available to the general public, where populace does not have to pay for it.

In preceding years, only citizens in high-risk groups, for example, seniors, kids from six to 23 months and pregnant women, got their shots for free.

The county will order 410,000 doses of the seasonal vaccine, in contrast to the usual 350,000 doses, Dr. Robert Strang, the province's Chief Public Health Officer, said in a meeting on Thursday.

The bigger order will cost from $1.2 million to $1.4 million.

The authorities have said that they are trying to strike a balance to ensure that sufficient vaccination doses are available to be administered to the public.

The county is not planning to hold mass vaccination clinics as had been done during the epidemic in the previous year.