Health Officials Ordered To Stop Faxing

Health Officials Ordered To Stop FaxingHealth officers all across the region have been ordered to discontinue faxing most medical records, after a lot of personal information landed up in the wrong hands.

Four confidential medical records have been sent to the CBC North newsroom, ever since the month of May.

According to the Dept. of Health and Social Services, the records were by mistake faxed over, when a worker dialed the wrong number.

The foremost medical record sent to CBC came from Norman Wells, and the MLA for the Sahtu, Norman Yakeleya, said that no pardon can be offered for such mistakes.

He said that this is a serious violation of actions, guidelines, by the health officials.

Positively, something like this, actually places a question on the competency of the health officials, if this has happened once more.

The most recent medical article faxed to the CBC, Monday, was by chance sent by a worker from the Stanton Territorial Hospital making use of a machine at Yellowknife's new Primary Care Centre.

A Spokesperson with the Dept. of Health, Damien Healy, told CJCD that they have placed a freeze on faxing medical records, whilst the department gives another look to its set policies.